Big four advisory firm

Moving your most critical back office application to the cloud requires leadership and a strong project team. Managing the profound impact on business operations from changing to a SAAS ERP configuration is complex from a change management and technical perspective. For example: after many years of operations, the current ERP system is thoroughly intertwined with the IT landscape. Once you start looking at the number of integrations, you identify more and more impact. All these integrations go into the scope of replacing the ERP. The next hurdle is data migration, an unchartered territory with many surprises.

Retail chain

A retailer changes service providers for a significant part of its IT landscape. After several years of operation by the current service provider, it was time to put an RFP on the market. The purchasing team evaluates the proposals, leading to a new service provider selection. The next step is onboarding the new service provider and the start of the transition project. The leaving service provider must hand over all knowledge, scripts, and documentation and show the service provider how the service is delivered. A challenge that gets more difficult once you move closer to the end of the transition. Hence transition projects have a unique dynamic between the stakeholders in the steering group. We learned that managing the transition from the client side requires leadership, focus, and perseverance.

Cloud Pioneer

Our client provides cloud services based on Microsoft technology. They are cloud pioneers with one of their offerings, the Microsoft 365 Workplace. When customers move to a cloud workplace, a demanding project is required to manage the technology and adopt the new way of working. The Trusted Advisor training aims to lift consultants to a higher level and better equip them for their demanding work. We trained them to be more convincing, grow their presentation skills, and better understand stakeholder dynamics.